Are people really quitting their 9-to-5 jobs to Dropship? Should YOU do this

p>You’re probably wondering, why Dropshipping? What is it about this business model that is better than the normal “trade” model that we know of, exchanging money for goods. Goods, meaning, products. So.. why not just buy some product, build up an inventory, and then get rich that way? Well..


One blatant key-point? Start-up costs. It can take hundreds to thousands (easily) of dollars just to place ONE order to build physical inventory. Now, you can find products to source for more than cheap over in China or other countries. However, even the cost for shipping (air or sea) could very well over exceed your per unit cost. Do you have the startup cost to start your new store or business? If not, then Dropshipping is perfect for you. Even if I had a Store or business that dealt on-hand items, I would still Dropship, because IT’S THAT GOOD! Also, do you really want to throw away hundreds of dollars on products that are entirely sure you will have ROI (Return-on-Invest) with? This is why Dropshipping is certainly a way to start funding your white label (white-label product is a product or service produced by one company that other companies re-brand to make it appear as if they had made it) or is just what you're financially capable of starting up right now! It doesn’t take much to start Dropshipping.


Quick lesson 101: I see a very cheap remote control car on Amazon for $12. So, I grab the photos, the title, the price, and a few more bits of information that coincide with the Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, Etsy, or Poshmark listing interface, and I simply mark-up the selling price to $24 and List the product! I leave town, come back from vacation and I see, Jane has bought MY remote car, and I don’t have it here…. so , I hop onto Amazon, simply copy and paste Jane’s address into the Shipping Address field, pay with my own $12.00, and ship the car off to her. Later that week, Jane receives her new remote control car, and loves it; leaving me a rating! Few more days pass, and payday arrives! I’ve been paid back my $12, but wait… plus $12? Wow! I sold that product to Janie Jane for $24, and pocketed $12?! I’m in business.


Key-point numero dos: Advertisement. With Marketplaces like Facebook, Marketplace audiences are already targeted, as the algorithm will show the shopper exactly what they are looking for, while also recommending other desirable possibilities as well. The customer then has the option to go shopping (and online too!) simply by typing in the item of preference by exact or keyword, to see if there are any available. There are no advertising costs or hidden fees that you will need to calculate into your business plan. These Marketplaces are free (with exceptions of Seller transaction fees…..taxes!) There’s absolutely no reason to advertise these products. Thousands of people will see them. If you have physical inventory, you can use this platform for free selling, no ad-cost distribution! Whoa!


Key-Point 3: , You must spend money (and not a few dollars) on logos, packaging, labels and shipping expenses. With Dropshipping, you can save all of that money on one monthly subscription, like Prime, or Walmart+. Subscriptions or features just like these mentioned, help you save money on shipping costs. There are plenty of suppliers out there who offer little to no cost on shipping. And, once you graduate to a wholesale account, you’re golden. As a wholesaler seller, you have access to products that the regular public does not have access to, or only will if they shop with mainstream or big-box vendors. You can save a ton of money and a lot of wholesalers are Dropshipping friendly. Just inquire within!


Number four, it’s space. Do you already have a warehouse to store large numbers of inventory, (and with size, depending on product dimensions)? What would you do, to start? Have them lying around in your living room? How would you deal with a bunch of packages ready to be shipped off? What would you do with boxes full of t-shirts or coffee mugs or whatever it is that you’re selling? Would you really have the space to handle the physical inventory for your store or business, full of physical, on-hand inventory?


With Dropshipping, we’ve said it, you don't touch the inventory. You simply receive an order and place the retail order and then it arrives to the customer. No need to break a sweat. Unless... you find clicking with your index finger a hard day's work?


These are just some of the top reasons on Why You Should Use Dropshipping before You Turn to Physical Inventory.


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