Is what you’re hearing really something that’s even a possibility? Or is dropshipping more of just side income or side hustles? You’ve seen it on Youtube, and when you Google Dropshipping you will find hundreds of responses from Dropshippers quoting that they “have made 8k-10k in just this last month!” Just by dropshipping?! Are these realistic numbers? Are they realistic expectations to go into dropshipping with? Should these testimonies be taken at face value? Or should you direct this newfound knowledge toward inspiration, and jumpstart your motivation into getting your own footing into the world of Dropshipping? Using your time and research as value, build yourself some profitable income that you can actually have personal testimony about.

So, how can you do the same thing that you’re seeing others do, everyday people on Facebook groups or on youtube channels, and have the same success stories? What's the hidden secret? How much knowledge does it really take? 

For starters, the Facebook Marketplace is THE #1 platform that we recommend to start Dropshipping on. Anybody can do it, even your grandmother can learn this concept. One key point of Dropshipping is that it is a copy-and-paste method. The actual formula behind systemizing Dropshipping is something that is not easy  to get wrong. It's so simple you are (explain dropshipping and short measure). So, is it a new business you can really start today? Maybe as soon as you finish this article you will move on to your first dropship product. 

Let's go over the checklist of Tools for Success; 

1. Do you have a Facebook, or Mercari? You’re on to something!

2. Do you have the Marketplace option on Facebook? Getting warmer..

3. Do you have a shipping option? Getting Hot!

4. Are you familiar with retailers such as Home Depot, Walmart, or Amazon? Woah, you’re on fire!!


If all 4 apply, then great! You are off to a strong start to building your very own millionaires testimony. However, we are not guaranteeing Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping will make you a millionaire. You’ve got to put in the work to make it work for you! But, it will certainly push you in the right direction. So now, we want to watch this tutorial on How to Start Dropshipping on your Facebook Marketplace with Zeedrop software ( Once you have built for first Listing, it's the waiting game for your first sale. When you’ve made that first sale, you’ll be feeling a Seller’s High!  What should you do with that? Well, NOT quit your job. We do not recommend quitting your 9-5 job to Dropship in the beginner stages. This would not be a progressive business move. If you are consistently listing and you are selling well on one platform, then you should master another! After you’ve built your dropshipping experience and business (think of it as sweat equity) and your monthly profits are bringing in the minimum monthly income that you are making with your 40-hour work week profession, you could look into the possibilities of quitting your corporate job. However, even with this exciting new way you’ve learned to make stellar cash, (soaking up some of the highest profit margins in all of the market places that you can currently Dropship on) we suggest that you keep your job to continue to gain experience, to scale business, and counter taxes for end-of-year filings. 

Lastly, the best and final answer we have on this hot topic: outsourcing. Why do your Dropshipping work when you could hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to complete the work for you? You could instead spend time making more money at your corporate job or you working another side biz! Or you could just spend time with family or friends. The freedom is yours at the cost. And the cost of a VA? Typically $3-$5 an hour. And, this will seem so valuable when the time comes.

Until you have become fully seasoned on Dropshipping, we hope you don't make any radical or hasty moves based purely off the results that you see advertised to you. “Your mileage may vary” You see, we are pedaling in the same race, and started from the same start line- there is only one direction to head for the win! See ya there!

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