A More Affordable crosslist Alternative

ZeeDrop offers enhanced features at a more budget-friendly price compared to Crosslist, making it a superior alternative.

More supplier More marketplaces much more features  and all in Fixed price 16.99$ unlimited products 
  ZeeDrop Crosslist
200 listings 16.99$ $34.99
400 listings 16.99$ $34.99
1000 listings 16.99$ $34.99



Comparing ZeeDrop with Crosslist:

Feature ZeeDrop Crosslist
Unlimited cross listing
Supported marketplaces 39 9
Supported any Supplier
Bulk cross listing
Unlimited monitor
Live and personalized support
Support for UK, CA, AU-based marketplaces
Custom templates
Copy paste Address
Copy reviews photos
Research tool
Quick messages (eBay,etsy,messenger)
Poshmark automated VA
Live contact developers(WhatsApp)


When comparing ZeeDrop and Crosslist, ZeeDrop emerges as the preferred choice due to several compelling advantages. ZeeDrop offers unlimited listing capabilities, providing users with unparalleled flexibility. Additionally, it excels in monitoring with a fixed price of $16.99, ensuring cost-effectiveness and transparency. Moreover, ZeeDrop supports a wider array of suppliers and marketplaces, enhancing its versatility and making it a robust solution for cross-listing needs.