Why ZeeDrop is a must Dropshipping Tool?

When you start to sell on Facebook Marketplace, product research and listing has a lot of time-consuming.     You need to make sure that your products have the next day and 2-day delivery option,   download each picture and upload it when you do the listing,  
copy and paste the descriptions of each product and optimize the contents,  and many more things to do before you finally complete your product research and listing.

However,  with ZeeDrop tool, it will save your time and make your listing faster in just two (2) clicks. You can also set up a ready template and set your price. 

What is ZeeDrop then?  It is the latest dropshipping tool you can use in your Facebook Marketplace store.  You can sign up on this website to create ZeeDrop account: https://www.zeedrop.com/

ZeeDrop helps your list of products to sell quickly and auto-fill orders.

What are the benefits of ZeeDrop tool?

*  It can use as Lister and Monitor to your Facebook Marketplace store
*  It can copy all the details such as;  title, description,  images, price,  and more
*  It can paste it in your Facebook Marketplace store in 1 second
*  It optimizes the price automatically

Now,  how to use ZEEDROP

  • First, GO to the page of your product you decide to list
  • Second, click COPY BY ZEEDROP and it will automatically redirect you to your Facebook Marketplace Listing
  • Third, when you see the SAVE DATA, click it and it will paste all the images, titles and descriptions of the product. 
  • Then your listing is ready to publish

Wit ZeeDrop,  it will save your time,  make your store grow, and make more money!