Why Do People Share Listings on Poshmark?

Do you find yourself struggling to make sales on Poshmark while others seem to be excelling? The key to success on the platform lies in the art of sharing. But what motivates individuals to share listings on Poshmark? What's the rationale behind sharing, and how does it contribute to enhancing your sales?

Whether you're a Poshmark novice or a seasoned user grappling with the nuances of sharing, this article is your comprehensive guide to understanding the dynamics.

Why Share Listings on Poshmark?

The concept behind sharing on Poshmark is rooted in the belief that promoting your own listings (referred to as self-shares) enhances their visibility and introduces them to a wider audience. By actively sharing your listings, you not only ensure they appear in the feeds of your followers but also increase the likelihood of their visibility when potential buyers search for items by brand, category, or keywords. This strategic sharing is among the most effective ways to optimize exposure for your listings.

When users search on Poshmark, the default filter is set to "just shared," meaning recently shared items appear at the top of the results. This visibility boost translates to more views for your items, potentially leading to increased sales. Another incentive for sharing listings is the pursuit of Poshmark Ambassador status, a distinction that necessitates self-shares, community shares, and engagement with new Poshers.

Types of Shares on Poshmark

To dispel any confusion, it's essential to understand the various types of shares on Poshmark. Self-shares involve promoting your own items, ensuring their appearance in your followers' feeds and the "just shared" filter during searches. Community shares, on the other hand, entail promoting items from other Poshers, fostering reciprocal sharing. Additionally, sharing to Poshmark parties allows exposure to buyers interested in specific themes, brands, or categories.

How to Share Listings on Poshmark

For those new to the sharing game on Poshmark, the process is straightforward.

On the Poshmark app:

  1. Navigate to your closet by clicking on your username in the bottom right corner.
  2. Select "My Closet."
  3. Beneath each item, click the icon with two arrows creating a circle.
  4. A new screen will appear, offering various sharing options. To share your listings with followers and elevate them in the "just shared" filter, click "Share" next to "My Followers."

On Desktop:

  1. Log in to Poshmark.com and select your photo at the top right.
  2. Click "My Closet."
  3. Under each item, click the icon with two arrows creating a circle.
  4. A new screen will pop up, allowing you to share your items. Click "Share" next to "My Followers" to elevate your listings in the "just shared" filter.

How Much to Share on Poshmark?

While dedicating the entire day to sharing might be impractical, the general rule is to share your items at least once a day. For those with more time, two to three daily shares can significantly impact visibility and sales.

Sharing for Poshmark Ambassador Status

Many Poshers share items with the goal of attaining Poshmark Ambassador status, which comes with various perks. To achieve this status, meet specific criteria, including community shares, self-shares, and sharing items from new Poshers.

How to Find New Poshers on Poshmark

To fulfill the requirement of sharing items from 50 new closets and advance towards Poshmark Ambassador status, follow these steps:

  1. In the app, tap on your username (on desktop, select your photo).
  2. Choose "Find People."
  3. Select "New People" to access a list of "Fresh Closets" containing users who recently uploaded their first item.
  4. Explore each closet and share an item to contribute towards your Ambassador goals.

In essence, sharing on Poshmark is a straightforward yet potent strategy to enhance sales. Remember, the more you share, the greater the visibility your items receive, increasing their chances of attracting potential buyers.