Poshmark vs. thredUP: A Comprehensive Comparison of Buying and Selling Platforms

In the realm of online buying and selling, the plethora of available platforms can be overwhelming for newcomers. The decision to choose between eBay, Poshmark, thredUP, Mercari, or others can be a daunting one. Yet, it's advisable to focus on mastering one or two platforms before diversifying. In this article, we'll delve into a thorough comparison between two popular options: Poshmark and thredUP.

Introduction to the Contenders: Poshmark & thredUP

Poshmark: Poshmark stands out as an online marketplace catering to both buyers and sellers. While renowned for its second-hand clothing items, Poshmark encompasses a variety of products, including new and used items. It has particularly gained a reputation for offering discounted designer items. However, Poshmark's range is more limited compared to giants like eBay. The platform allows the sale of clothing, HomeGoods, and pet-related items.

How Poshmark Works: Poshmark distinguishes itself through its social approach, utilizing a "closet" system instead of traditional stores. Users build a follower base with whom they can share their listed items. This unique setup garners both enthusiasts and skeptics.

Buying on Poshmark:

  1. Create a Poshmark account.
  2. Input address and payment details.
  3. Purchase an item by making an offer or direct purchase.
  4. Seller ships the item to the buyer.
  5. Upon receiving the item, the buyer rates the transaction.

Selling on Poshmark:

  1. Sign up using a Poshmark Invite Code.
  2. Fill out address and payment information.
  3. List items for sale.
  4. Buyers make purchases.
  5. Generate a pre-paid label from Poshmark.
  6. Package and ship the item.
  7. Buyer has 3 days to accept the item.
  8. After acceptance, funds are released to the seller's Poshmark account.

thredUP: thredUP operates similarly to Poshmark, with a focus on used items, including NWT (New With Tags) products. However, thredUP's categories are more restricted, primarily featuring women's and children's clothing. While it offers "rescue boxes" with men's items, selling men's items directly on thredUP is currently unavailable.

How thredUP Works: thredUP simplifies selling by allowing users to ship items to them for handling the selling process.

Buying on thredUP:

  1. Create a thredUP account.
  2. Provide address and payment details.
  3. Purchase desired items.
  4. thredUP ships the purchased items.
  5. A 14-day return window is provided (except for final sale items).

Selling on thredUP:

  1. Order a clean-out kit or obtain a pre-paid label.
  2. Pack items in the provided bag or box.
  3. Drop off the package at the post office.
  4. thredUP processes items (processing duration varies).
  5. Participate in the bidding window for price adjustment and auction.
  6. Once sold, earnings are added to the thredUP account for use or withdrawal.

Key Differences between Poshmark and thredUP

Listable CategoriesClothing, Pets, HomegoodsChildren (Women's & Children's)
Listing Fees20%20-95%
Listing DurationIndefinite60-90 Days
Listing ProcessUser-controlledthredUP-controlled
Pricing ControlUser-determinedthredUP-adjustable
InventorySeller-controlledLimited control, fees for reclaiming
FeesFixed fee structure, percentageSliding fee scale based on item value
Buyer ReturnsBuyer-initiatedLimited return window

Conclusion: Making the Choice

Ultimately, the decision between Poshmark and thredUP hinges on the individual's preferences and goals. Poshmark empowers active resellers, offering greater control over listings, pricing, and inventory management. It demands user involvement but provides a chance to establish a personal brand. thredUP, on the other hand, suits those with limited time and a desire for a more hands-off approach. While it simplifies the selling process, thredUP's fees and lower payout potential might be drawbacks. Combining both platforms could provide a balanced strategy, allowing users to capitalize on their unique attributes. The key is to align the platform choice with your selling style and availability.