Is It Worth Selling on Grailed?

Whether you're a seasoned online seller or just embarking on your selling journey, the task of choosing the right marketplaces to engage with can be quite the challenge. With a constant influx of new online platforms, distinguishing the worthwhile ones from those best avoided can be a daunting endeavor. For those contemplating the idea of selling on Grailed, we present a comprehensive Grailed review that aims to aid you in determining whether this platform aligns with your online business goals.

Exploring the Resale Market Landscape The reselling market is ablaze with activity, progressing at a staggering rate that outpaces traditional retail by a factor of 24. This rapid growth is largely attributed to Gen Z consumers, who are fervently driving the market's expansion. Numerous factors underpin this trend, as we'll delve into shortly.

Rising retail prices for branded and designer items, coupled with the current cost of living crisis, have prompted a reevaluation of consumer spending habits. Opting for pre-owned goods, such as gently used Converse sneakers, offers a practical means of saving money. As consumers tighten their purse strings, luxury brands often produce limited quantities or discontinue specific lines, fueling demand for hard-to-find products.

This phenomenon parallels the business model of high-end brand Supreme, renowned for its limited drops that vanish within seconds. Consequently, there's significant demand for second-hand branded attire. Another catalyst for the reselling surge is the growing emphasis on sustainable and conscious consumerism. The fast fashion industry's environmental impact has driven the pursuit of more sustainable purchasing choices, making the resale market an appealing avenue for ethically-minded consumers.

Introduction to Grailed Grailed stands as a peer-to-peer fashion marketplace dedicated exclusively to men's clothing. Positioned alongside platforms like Depop and Poshmark, Grailed specializes in high-end and luxury men's brands, including renowned names like Gucci, Supreme, and Off-White. While they've extended their scope to encompass women's fashion, the platform remains predominantly focused on men's attire.

Founded in 2013 by Arun Gupta and Jake Metzger, Grailed is headquartered in New York City. The company secured $60 million in venture capital funding through Series B rounds in late 2021, with investment from prominent entities like Goat Group, Groupe Artemis, and Thrive Capital. As of 2022, Grailed boasts over 10 million active users and a staggering 4.7 million listings.

Scrutinizing Grailed Reviews Contemplating the veracity of Grailed's reputation brings forth an array of perspectives. Engaging in a search for "Grailed Reviews" yields a collection of critical narratives, akin to the feedback one encounters on eBay or Poshmark. Negative experiences tend to spur more reviews than positive ones, with some individuals demonstrating a predilection for airing grievances across various online platforms.

So, is Grailed a legitimate platform? While it's not devoid of shortcomings, Grailed is indeed a bona fide and well-funded resale website. Acknowledging the potential pitfalls and promptly addressing any issues that may arise can substantially enhance one's experience on the platform.

Sitejabber Reviews Grailed's rating on SiteJabber is 1.76 stars from a limited sample of 56 reviews. Given the vast user base of 10 million, this represents a fractional subset. Predominantly, buyer complaints arise from dissatisfaction with purchases and perceived shortcomings in customer service. A closer examination of specific cases paints a more nuanced picture.

Some instances exemplifying negative buyer experiences include instances where sellers failed to properly package items, resulting in damage during shipping. In another scenario, a seller listed an item that did not align with the received product, and although the listing acknowledged a flaw, the stain wasn't noted explicitly. While the responsibility primarily rests with the sellers in these cases, buyers are encouraged to exercise due diligence by scrutinizing listings and communicating effectively before purchasing.

Furthermore, a seller recounts a concerning issue where their payment for a sold item was withheld for almost 100 days, prompting legal action. The situation highlights potential glitches in the payment processing system and communication breakdowns between customer service and the technical team. While Grailed's intention isn't to misappropriate sellers' funds, it's evident that improvements are necessary in these areas.

Trustpilot Reviews Grailed garners a 4-star rating from 2,033 reviews on Trustpilot. This includes a significant share of 5-star ratings along with a minor fraction of 1-star reviews. Unhappy experiences often stem from issues with item descriptions or shipping. Buyers recount instances of receiving items that didn't match their descriptions, encountering unresponsive sellers, or facing challenges in securing refunds.

Sellers, too, express concerns. Some recount problems with the authentication process for branded items, where even authentic items were repeatedly rejected. Others raise objections about account freezing or suspension due to unclear reasons, often centered on discrepancies with tracking information or interface-related issues.

It's important to bear in mind that reviews should be approached with objectivity. While instances of dissatisfaction exist, the majority of experiences are positive. Exceptional customer service is frequently praised as a cornerstone of the platform.

Pros and Cons of Selling on Grailed As with any platform, Grailed presents its own set of advantages and challenges for sellers.


  1. Low Fees: Grailed doesn't charge listing fees, and its flat 9% commission is notably lower than competitors.
  2. Shipping Control: Sellers have flexibility in setting shipping costs, and Grailed offers shipping labels for US-based orders.
  3. Site Traffic: Grailed's large user base and high traffic enhance the speed and profitability of sales.
  4. Customer Service: Grailed's customer service is lauded for its efficiency and problem resolution.
  5. Protection Policy: Grailed offers a buyer protection policy and partners with PayPal for additional safeguards.


  1. Item Authentication: Sellers occasionally face repeated rejections for authentic items, and some buyers receive counterfeit goods.
  2. Customer Service: Despite positive experiences, some sellers find challenges in obtaining responses.
  3. Payment Holds: Sellers are required to provide tracking information within a specific timeframe, leading to payment holds.
  4. Account Freezing: Reports of account freezing for unclear reasons raise concerns.

In Conclusion In summary, Grailed is a legitimate and credible platform that facilitates the buying and selling of luxury items. Although negative reviews exist, these must be balanced against a majority of positive experiences. While challenges persist, such as authentication issues and customer service complexities, Grailed's strengths lie in its low fees, robust customer service, site traffic, and protection policies.

For those contemplating Grailed as an additional sales channel, considerations like efficient inventory upload can be addressed through cross-listing apps like ZeeDrop. These tools streamline the process of listing on multiple platforms, optimizing efficiency and enhancing sales potential.

In essence, Grailed presents an opportunity to expand your online sales presence, capitalizing on its strengths and navigating its challenges to successfully enter the world of high-end fashion resale.