How to find products to sell in USA?

When you are selling on the Facebook Marketplace site,  you must know what are the best products selling online, what are the latest trends, and how do you find them?

Before that, be mindful that Facebook gives you three (3) business days of handling time to fulfill and ship the orders.  Use shipping services that offer tracking and delivery confirmation.

In addition, Facebook will rate you in your shipping time and cancellations.   It's very important then to look for a supplier who can offer next day or 2-day delivery of your product.

Since Facebook Marketplace is like a local market place,  find the best products to sell that your local community needs every day.   For example, if you are located in Alaska or States that have lakes,  you can sell products such as; fishing tools and equipment outdoor, tackle boxes,  fishing gear, etc..  

Also,  find products that best for the season, like Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or Father’s day, and so forth.    

However,  Home and Kitchen items always get sales as they are particularly important in household essentials.

You can also find products that have a strong demand due to pandemic.  Consumers prioritize comfort and essential products like;  health products,  home cleaning supplies,  indoor workouts, indoor clothes, and a lot more.

All these products would be sold easily!