How to find products to sell from Amazon


Amazon is the world’s online retailer that offers access to all people all over the world of business products from dropshipping sellers.  You can create a free account and able to browse a wide selection of items that may be available for your online store.


How to find products to sell from Amazon?

First,  go to the Amazon website and search for the product you want to sell.

Secondit needs to review what is already selling and what are the best items to sell.
Amazon offers help for researching products on their  “Best Sellers” page.  It can display all the top-selling products you can find on Amazon and help you have an idea about the ways you can expand your online business.  You can search for products based on their categories & sub-categories. 


Thirdonce you found the product,  source them with at least 5-10 suppliers that can suit your business requirements and order samples of each product you have chosen. 

Fourth, find products that are selling well with new releases of Amazon.  Also,  hot and trending products that huge demand from the customer side.

Fifth,  look at products that have at least 300 reviews.  The more reviews a product has, the more popular it is!

Then, you can start to do a highly effective Product Listing that includes using high-quality images, bulleted points optimized for the search engines, high-quality descriptions, etc.. 

Here is a checklist that might help you find the right and best selling products:

  • Product prices range between $10-$50
  • Products that sold at least 20 sales a month
  • Not seasonal products. They can be sold year-round
  • With at least 100 reviews 
  • Small and lightweight products (under 2 to 3 pounds)
  • No brand names or trademarks associated with the product
  • The product should not be fragile

In Amazon,  you can find some of the high selling products that will give you new product ideas to choose from and sell competitively to your marketplace store.