How to Copy and Paste Address From Facebook Marketplace

How to Copy and Paste Address From Facebook Marketplace


Concise information of customers in your Facebook Marketplace is very important to your Supplier’s Shipment Details to avoid wrong delivery of your product and arise problems in the future.

ZeeDrop tool can help you Copy Paste Address From Facebook Marketplace To Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Aliexpress, Banggood, and more,   in less than a minute.


Why ZeeDrop?

It is The New Generation of DropShipping Lister And Monitor To Facebook MarketPlace.   Its Chrome Extension copies all the details including the Customer’s Address in 1 click and pastes It to your Supplier’s site.

How to start?

  • Go to your Facebook Market Place store 
  • Click the product to ship,,  it will automatically direct to the Buyer’s information
  • Go to Buyer Information,  ZeeDrop tool will appear automatically
  • Click the Copy Address by ZeeDrop button
  • Go to your Supplier’s Shipping Details and click the “Paste Address by ZeeDrop” button

Start using ZeeDrop now,  it can save your time and make more money!