How To Set Up And Use ZeeDrop Tool To Your FBMP Business





ZeeDrop is a New Generation of Dropshipping Lister and Monitor to Facebook Marketplace.   It can copy all the details that include the title, description, images, price, and more,   then paste on your online marketplace store in just 1 second.

ZeeDrop helps your list of products to sell quickly and auto-fill orders. it keeps a record of your orders and a link so you can go straight to the order. 


How to set up?

  • Go to Chrome Web Store and search for ZeeDrop
  • Click “Install” and it will automatically add to your Microsoft Edge
    Use the extension by selecting the ZeeDrop icon.
    Note: ZeeDrop offers the First 7 day's free,  then a 10$/mo subscription
  • Once you have your account,  just log in. 
  • It shows all platforms and whatever suppliers you are using in dropshipping, 
    you can go with that and paste it into your Facebook Marketplace.

How does it work?

  • It can Upload unlimited products to Facebook Marketplace
  • It can Upload products from Amazon, eBay, Walmart to Etsy with variations
  • Copy and Paste Address from Facebook to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Aliexpress, Banggood, and more
  • 1 click to Monitor all your products
  • It has features:
    -Lister and Monitor for Facebook Marketplace

 -Copy and Paste Address 

 -Create a Template for the description  

 -Lister for ETSY/FBMP

 -Download images
-Automatic price optimization

How to use it?

  • First: Log in to your ZeeDrop account and you can see the features like;
  • Products -  all products being listed on your marketplace store
  • Settings -  you can set your profit % per price, the template you want, the condition and availability of each product, then click “Save”
  •  Monitor - monitor the price of each product
  • Address - complete details of your name, email add, phone, and current Address
  • Templates - you can add a custom template just put the correct placeholder
    Ex: Template Example#3
    *  Fast Shipping
    *  Brand New in Box, still factory sealed
    *  Click “Buy Now” Button to Place Order
    *  Secure, Verified Payments via Facebook and PayPal
    *  DELIVERY:  Estimated 3-5 days
    *  RETURNS ACCEPTED:  FREE 30-day returns

  • Orders - you can track the orders of each item and export to excel

  • Second: Go to your Supplier like Walmart, and search for items you want to upload to your Facebook Marketplace.   You can see the ZeeDrop extension button “Copy by ZeeDrop”.  Just click the button and it will automatically direct you to your Facebook Marketplace store. Just make sure that you are logged in to your Facebook Marketplace account.

  • Third: On your Facebook Marketplace screen,  click the “Paste Data” button on the upper right corner of “Item For Sale”,  and wait for the ZeeDrop tool to upload your products with all the details on your Facebook Marketplace. However,  you need to put manually some details like Category, Brand, Product Tags, Shipping Method, Shipping Label.  Choose Privacy Setting “Hide from Friends” if you don’t want to show them your business.  Click “Next” then, “Publish”..

With ZeeDropTool,   you can manage your Facebook Marketplace easier and time saver!