How To Find Winning Dropshipping Products in 2024 (FREE)

By following these steps, you can identify winning dropshipping products that are trending and in demand, helping you maximize your sales and profits.

1.Study Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) ranks products based on recent sales compared to other products in the same category. A #1 rank means it has sold the most recently. Find these products on AliExpress, CJ, or Temu, as similar products can also be great options.

2. Use TikTok Search

 Search hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit, #amazonfinds, and #amazonreview. Check the comments and gauge the interest of people engaging with these posts.

3. Bookmark eBay Watchcount

Use eBay Watchcount to find products with the most watchers on eBay. High watcher counts indicate strong buyer interest. Search by keywords or category to discover popular items.

4.Free Extension: MegasaleBoot

MegasaleBoot's free Chrome extension, Reviews Counter, scans items and counts the number of reviews in the last 30, 7, and 3 days on platforms like eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, Costco, and Target. More reviews generally indicate higher sales. Visit for more details and support.