Getting Free Traffic from Pinterest for E-commerce (2023)

In the world of e-commerce, driving traffic to your website is essential for boosting sales. As an e-commerce store owner, utilizing social media platforms to increase online traffic should be a top priority. One such platform that can greatly benefit your business is Pinterest. In this article, we'll explore how to effectively harness Pinterest to get free traffic for your e-commerce store in 2023.

Why Utilize Pinterest for E-commerce?

Pinterest is a popular social networking site known for its visual discovery platform. With over 400 million monthly active users in the US alone and billions of pins shared, Pinterest is a valuable source of traffic for e-commerce websites.

Here's how to make the most of Pinterest for your e-commerce business:

1. Understanding Pinterest's Appeal

People turn to Pinterest primarily to find inspiration and ideas related to their interests and hobbies. Users can create "Pins" (images) that others can search for and discover. What sets Pinterest apart is that you can add links to your Pins, making it an excellent platform for driving traffic to your e-commerce store.

2. The Audience on Pinterest

Pinterest's audience includes a significant percentage of women, with 71% of global users being female. In the US, Pinterest reaches 83% of women aged 25-54, a demographic that makes a significant portion of household buying decisions. Additionally, 34% of users are aged 18-29 and are increasingly making purchases through Pinterest.

Moreover, a Pinterest survey reveals that 93% of Pinterest users plan to make purchases through the platform, and 40% of users have a household income of $100k+. This means that Pinterest can be a gold mine for businesses with products to sell.

3. Identifying the Right Niches

To succeed on Pinterest, consider which niches are most suitable for your e-commerce store. While categories like fashion, food, and home decor are popular on Pinterest, other niches can also thrive. Even businesses in photography or education can see excellent results with the right approach.

Getting Free Traffic from Pinterest for E-commerce

Now, let's explore how to attract free traffic to your e-commerce store using Pinterest:

Step 1: Understand Pinterest Basics

Pinterest is all about sharing visually appealing content with the community. When you become a content sharer, you gain a consistent audience. You can add your website link to your Pins, making Pinterest an ideal platform for free advertising.

Step 2: Set Up a Pinterest Business Profile

Ensure that your Pinterest profile appears as a legitimate business, not a personal page. Add your logo, display name, username, business email, and a brief business description. Link your website, Instagram, and YouTube accounts to your Pinterest profile for added features and credibility.

Step 3: Create Pinterest Boards

Create at least five Pinterest boards that relate to your e-commerce niche. Your boards should not only showcase your products but also offer valuable content related to your niche. Make your boards engaging and interesting for potential customers.

Step 4: Populate Your Boards with Quality Content

Fill your boards with valuable content. Include lifestyle images, inspirational examples, and product pictures related to your niche. Gather a diverse range of content that appeals to your target audience.

Step 5: Maintain Consistency

Consistency is key to organic growth on Pinterest. Aim to post daily on each board, including value-focused Pins, Repins, and Pins of your own products. Building a significant board with 100-200 Pins strikes a good balance.

In the beginning, you may not have a large audience or many impressions, but keep at it. With time, one of your Pins could go viral and reach a wider audience.

Step 6: Add Links to Your Pins

Include a link to your website with each Pin you create. This not only directs traffic to your site but also boosts your SEO score by creating backlinks to your website.

By consistently sharing engaging content and optimizing your Pinterest profile, you can attract free traffic to your e-commerce store over time.


Pinterest is a powerful platform for driving free traffic to your e-commerce store. With the right strategies and dedication, you can tap into Pinterest's vast user base and increase your website's visibility. Don't limit your advertising efforts to Facebook or Instagram alone; give Pinterest a try and reap the benefits of this visually-driven social platform. Happy pinning!