Best Things to Sell on Mercari to Make Money

Earning Quick Money: Selling Items People Want on Mercari

When you need to make money quickly, one effective method is selling things that people are actively looking for. Whether you're tidying up your home and want to earn extra cash by selling items on Mercari, or you're building a reselling business by flipping thrift store and yard sale finds, selling products that are in demand is essential for making money!

But how can you figure out what to sell to earn money on online marketplaces like Mercari? In this article, I'll share the best items to sell on Mercari so you can start listing, selling, and making money!


Selling clothes is a great way to make money on Mercari. Everyone needs clothes, and many people are looking for affordable options without the hassle of going to a store. Some sellers focus only on clothing and earn a lot of money doing it!

You can sell all kinds of clothing, from various styles to categories like men’s, women’s, and vintage.

Best-selling Clothing on Mercari

  • Athletic Clothing: Brands like Nike, Lululemon, Under Armour, and Athleta sell well.
  • Plus-Size Clothing: This niche category can also be profitable, especially for brands like Lane Bryant and Torrid.
  • Women's Clothing: There are numerous styles and brands that can bring in profits, from classics like Levi's and J.Crew to vintage and trendy options.
  • Men's Clothing: Don't overlook men's clothing – jeans, branded shirts, jackets, and more can be successful sellers.


Selling shoes on Mercari is a smart way to make money. Shoes are easy to photograph and list, and people usually know their size, reducing returns. Since shoes can be expensive, buyers often look for good deals.

Best-selling Shoes on Mercari

  • Popular Brands: Vans, Nike, Converse, Adidas, and New Balance are in demand.
  • Specialty Shoes: Unique shoes like minimalist/barefoot styles or those designed for specific activities can also sell well.

Bags & Purses

Don't forget about bags and purses when sourcing items to sell. High-quality purses are attractive to buyers as they are used daily and can bring good profits. Unlike clothing, purses aren't size-dependent.

Best-selling Bags & Purses on Mercari

  • Quality Matters: Look for well-made pieces. Brands like Kate Spade, Coach, loungefly, Michael Kors, and Lululemon are popular.


Selling electronics can be competitive, but it's still profitable if you know what to look for, how to test items, and can list them at good prices.

Best-selling Electronics on Mercari

  • Video Games & Consoles: Not just new items – old models and discontinued games or consoles can also sell well.
  • Wireless Headphones: Brands like Apple AirPods, Bose, and Sony have potential buyers.
  • Cell Phones: Used cell phones have a steady market, particularly brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google.
  • Computers: Computers can bring significant earnings, but sourcing them at good prices and in good condition is important.
  • Smart Watches: Smart and fitness watches are on the rise in popularity, and their compatibility with various devices makes them appealing.

Beauty Products

Items like makeup, skincare, and hair care are sought after on Mercari due to their frequent use. Both higher-end and drugstore brands can do well, especially discontinued items.

Home & Kitchen

Home and kitchen items are profitable due to their everyday necessity and changing trends.


While kids' toys are common, adult collectible toys sell well on Mercari. Certain specialty kids' toys also attract good profits.

Tips for Selling on Mercari

  • Focus on In-Demand Items: List items that people want and price them competitively.
  • Use Good Photos and Keywords: Create listings with clear photos and relevant keywords.
  • Shipping Options: Mercari offers various shipping options, including free shipping or buyer-paid shipping.
  • Payment Process: Mercari holds funds until transactions are completed and both parties rate each other.
  • Selling Guides: If you're new to selling on Mercari, check out guides to get started.

Selling on Mercari can be a rewarding side gig, and it's user-friendly. Consider exploring more guides to selling on Mercari and comparing different platforms to choose the best fit for you.