12 Drop Shipping Tips for Easy Wins in Your Shopify Store

  1. Add a Phone Number to Your Store: Place your contact number on your website to build trust with potential customers. People calling usually want to buy.

  2. Return Missed Calls: Make sure to call back customers who leave missed calls or voicemails promptly. Ignoring calls may lead to lost sales.

  3. Install Privy Exit Intent: Use a pop-up to capture visitors' contact info when they are about to leave your site. This helps with follow-up marketing.

  4. Offer Free Bonus Gifts: For high-ticket items, consider offering bonus gifts to entice customers. It can set you apart from competitors.

  5. Ask Suppliers for Reviews: Request product reviews from your suppliers to build social proof on your site. Good reviews can boost your conversions.

  6. Ask Suppliers for Unique Product Photos: Get unique product photos from your suppliers to make your product pages stand out. Customers want to see high-quality images.

  7. Source Unconventional Suppliers: Look beyond the obvious suppliers by checking trade show directories. Unconventional suppliers can give you a competitive edge.

  8. Provide More Payment Options: Offer multiple payment methods to cater to a wider range of customers. More options can lead to more sales.

  9. Use Tidio Live Chat: Install a live chat app on your site so you can respond to customer inquiries quickly. It improves customer service.

  10. Use Photo Resize: Ensure your product photos look consistent and clean to build trust with customers. Use apps like Photo Resize to help.

  11. Add a FAQ Page: Create an FAQ section on your site to answer common customer questions. It can prevent potential customers from leaving.

  12. Use Urgency & Scarcity: Implement countdown timers and show inventory counts to create a sense of urgency. Be genuine with your offers to maintain credibility.

These tips can help you improve your Shopify store and increase your chances of making more sales.